Returning customers and recognition

Organisations should understand that it is only necessary to compile the basics of customer records once, the first time a customer makes a transaction with them. During the process they should make the appropriate notifications and obtain the necessary permissions. After that, it is a requirement that customers understand how to contact the organisation to change the basic details of their record or their chosen permissions.

Note that it is good practice for this should be stated at the top of the email communication

In order to keep permissions current, customers should also be prompted or encouraged to periodically review/update their permissions. For arts organisations a pragmatic approach might be to provide such a prompt at least every 2 years.

Otherwise, when customers return to make a further transaction, either on the phone, at the counter or online, the procedure should be to ascertain whether the customer already has a record from previous purchases, to look up that record, and not invoke again the notification and permission sequence. Duplicate records should not be created.