Recognising customers online

PECR 2003

This is especially important online, since server logs show that returning customers click past the webpages with the notifications and their options when they know they have previously completed them.

This is unfortunate as some ticketing systems then record the customer as having an undetermined status, such as “Not asked” or “None” and can lead to frequently attending customers, including subscribers, being treated as not being contactable. And in cases where there is any doubt, good practice is to treat the individual as non-contactable.

The use of ‘cookies’ or other similar technologies, is permitted, providing users consent to this. This helps recognize returning customers, perhaps serving them up a log-in landing page with the appropriate security.

For customers accessing on mobile devices, recognition processes can be established to open their accounts/profiles on the system and speed up log-in and further purchases. For more information, please see the ICO’s Guidance on the rules surrounding the use of cookies and similar technologies.