Online registration for communications

PECR 2003

Most organisations offer visitors to their website the opportunity to sign up to receive e-newsletters etc. In this case, potential customers are clearly volunteering their information and should be given the usual notification information. This is a good opportunity to seek additional personal information and give them the option to choose their preferences and interests. Available communication methods and relevant permissions should also be set out as appropriate for each method.

This online facility could be used to register information from both the touring company and the venue, as long as it is made explicitly clear that this is the case and the touring company is named. The request could link through from the venue to the touring company webpage with additional questions including an ‘opt-in’ to receive marketing information from the presenting venue. This data could be used to populate fields in both the presenting venue and touring company database.

It is essential these opt-ins are synchronized with the transactional database for internet ticketing, so that customer records are kept accurate, up-to-date and relevant. Such opt-ins must also be synchronized in the databases of both the company and any venue where they present.