Reasonable costs and charges

Costs can be incurred in the course of preparing data to be shared with others

If you are working in partnership with a Data Controller, you might reasonably expect to share some of these costs.

ACE generally expect that NPOs will not charge one another for data sharing where requests are reasonable, in a spirit of partnership-working. Ideally, costs will be reflected in the contractual arrangement or split, rather than as a “contra” or actual financial transaction.

This then reflects the working relationship between most touring companies and presenting venues in sharing responsibility for marketing to achieve sales and for developing audiences.

If you need a Data Controller to share data to benefit your organisation more exclusively – e.g. for a fundraising campaign, or to highlight your work in another venue – your organisation might expect to shoulder more of the costs of seeking permissions, selecting and screening data.

Neither ACE nor the practitioners consulted for this guidance consider it reasonable in the context of funded organisations to charge a “data-usage fee” or “licence fee” to an organisation for the use of data relating to customers who have opted to receive their information.

Maximum costs

For guidance in negotiation, the following are considered maximum costs.

ResourcesEstimated max timeMaximum costs

Changes to notifications: sales scripts, call-holding messages, signage, online

Time spent liaising and understanding the needs of the organisation requesting data 1/2 day £50 (£100 per day)
Time spent making a data selection, checking permissions, and outputting it 1/2 day per list request£50 (£100 per day, more if outsourced)
Time spent creating analysis or audience report 1/2 day per report but depends considerably on complexity of reporting £50 (£100 per day, more if outsourced)
E-mail campaign management, time and email marketing services1/2 day per campaign £50
Direct mailing costs (postage, stationery, preparation and postage)Costs vary. Both parties might seek quotes if there is any dispute.