Sharing with named organisations

It is important to be clear that if you plan to share data with another company, they must be named when you obtain consent.

During face-to-face sales, it is easy enough for the sales team to mention the specific company, but it is more challenging in signage and telephone messages for organisations who are selling tickets for/by a number of companies at any given time.

In signage and on call-holding messages, the phrase: “We would also like to share your details with the company who has created or co-created the production for which you are booking” (or equivalent) is acceptable, as long as the name of the company is specifically referred to when obtaining permission in dialogue with the customer.

The intended purpose for which the data is being shared with those organisations must also be stated, (i.e. "so that they can contact you by email/SMS/phone call etc. in order to keep you informed about future events”).