Arts Council England

What are the benefits of data sharing for the sector?

The ACE view

"All our evidence suggests that the most successful businesses in the creative industries are those that know most about their customers – who they are, what they like etc. We also know that publicly funded arts and cultural organisations are not in competition with each other for audiences. The real competition comes from those parts of the commercial entertainment and media industry who have invested heavily to gather data on their customers.

We want to have a healthy and competitive sector and believe that it is therefore incumbent on publicly funded arts and cultural organisations to work together and share the data and information on the audiences that they have gathered using public investment. We also believe that it is the customer, not the organisation, who should determine who has access to their details.

We firmly believe that it is this collaborative approach to sharing data that is most likely to produce the results that we all believe in – that more and more people up and down the country enjoy great art and culture”

Simon Mellor, Executive Director Arts and Culture, Arts Council England

All information for National Portfolio Organisations on your requirements regarding the sharing on data can be found here