About the data sharing guide and how it works

The guidance aims to set out good practice in data collection and management to enable data sharing in compliance with the relevant legislation, namely the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR)

Arts Council England commissioned this guidance for the benefit of the sector, both funded and non-funded, so that organisations who either have to or want to share data can do so in compliance with regulations.

It was produced by Leo Sharrock at The Audience Agency, Roger Tomlinson, Adam Kerr of Primas Law , and in consultation with many cultural practitioners and the Information Commissioners Office. The guidance provides a resource principally aimed at anyone who needs or wants to share data, but it has relevance for any organisation that collects customer information for the purposes of marketing, audience development, research and data sharing.

It is an update to previously published good practice guidance following advice to the cultural sector from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) into how permission to use arts attenders’ data should be obtained, and in particular for online transactions.

Feedback and comments

As a sector we must work together to ensure that the data sharing agreement works for us all.

Organisations must work together to ensure that data sharing works for us all, and if we all participate, collaborating on feedback to the guidance, will ensure we collectively make something that is fit for purpose.

Under each section of the guidance there is an area for you to feedback. All the questions will be collated and sent back to Arts Council England.

If relevant to a wider audience, feedback questions will be answered directly and posted in the Q & A section.